Best Chef Knives To Pick Up

A chef knife is purposed to bring ease and accessibility to kitchen. However, there are thousands of companies that claim to have the best “chef knife” and there is no legitimate way to know which one of them is right. So, how do you pick a chef knife?

top picked chef knives

We can look at the handle, steel, balance, feel of the knife, warranty, etc. It is not easy to allot time to check all these; hence, knowing the best [as mentioned here] in the business can help in selecting the right one.

1.Pro S Chef Knife by Henckel – The product is manufactured in Japan and designed by Bob Kramer. The 8-inch knife is preferable over 10-inch and 6-inch ones as it gives out a perfect weight balance to the handler. The blade stays sharp for longer periods of time than any other and gives a classic look.


2. Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku by Wusthof – The knife is produced by one of the best manufacturers in the world with 200 years of experience in the market. The curved handle is a great asset to the knife and is really comforting to the hand. The sharp thin blade and scalloped edge makes it easy to handle.


3. Classic 8-inch Chef Knife by Shun – The aesthetic knife comes with a Pakkawood handle making it very easy to hold. The patterned thin blade can cut through dense foods with ease. The power of the blade comes from the 32 layers of soft steel used for its creation. However, it takes time to get adjusted to the light weight product but the angles it can produce while slicing is excellent.


4. Gyutou High Carbon Steel by Korin Suisin –The knife that can slice through a steak that is almost frozen without any difficulty. The steel is sharp and has to be handled carefully. The handle could have been better for it is very thin and does not compliment the size of the blade.

All these chef knives are professionally manufactured by the best companies in the world. Selecting anyone amongst them will add value to the kitchen or the chef’s chamber. Further, the Chef will have a great experience working with them.

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