Best Kitchen Knife Sets

Cars and seats aren’t the only things that I can fix. When my tummy is rumbling, I can whip up a storm in the kitchen. I am insanely obsessed with Asian and Persian cuisine. Though these two type of cooking may not appear closely related to each other, I tried to fuse them a couple of times. The dishes I got were weird but edible. So YAY ME!

An All Rounder

Anyway, A successful and professional homemaker needs some utensils. Among them, I can point at an appropriate kitchen knife set. Yes! Almost every cooking action, even the simplest ones, require chopping, slicing, and cutting! So, you will need one. Here is a guide on how to choose an appropriate set of yours and also a brief introduction to some brands and types of kitchen knife sets. The cheapest kitchen knife set you can find is one of those stainless steel set which goes blunt rapidly and takes you centuries to re-sharpen them. Another type would be carbon steel knife sets. One advantage of this one over the former is the fact that carbon steel sets are harder and much easier to retain sharp.

Ceramic Bladed Knives Are Fun Too

Another sensible choice would be ceramic blades. They are 10 times harder than carbon steel and also don’t have the prospect of rusting. Also, ceramic sets are really light and do not require spending millennia sharpening! Another category of kitchen knife sets, which is the most fabulous one, is Damascus. In fact, Damascus can be called the daddy of all knives! They are very expensive and are made from carbon steel core. The carbon steel core in these knives has been covered by stainless steel layers. So, you can expect very sharp knives in this category.
Apart from the material a kitchen knife set is made of, I can point at the weight of a set. Those light ones can improve speed and precision, while the heavy ones are much more suitable for solid foods, e.g. nuts, ginger, etc.

My Favorite Knife Sets

Below are three kitchen knife sets I would recommend:Robert Welch Signature Knife Block Set with Sharpener: there are six knives in this kitchen knife set. The design is splendid. The knives in the series include bread, kitchen, serrated, vegetable, carving, and cooks. What makes this series excellent is the integrated ceramic wheel sharpener. Also, the sharpener is equipped with magnetic locators that draw the spine of each knife right to the block, so the edge of the knife won’t be damaged. This product is available for £280 at amazon. Global 5 Piece Knife Block and Knives: This kitchen knife set is made from stainless carbon steel.

More Great Kitchen Knives

The vegetable cleaver, paring, utility, and cook’s knives are the 5 pieces of this ice-tempered set of knives!JosephJoseph Lock Block: Made from stainless steel, this Japanese kitchen knife set contains serrated, santoku, chef’s, bread, paring, and carving knives. If you are worried about your children who love exploring the kitchen, then this set is recommended for you. The set contains a block that has color coded locks which require and adult hand to unlock.

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