Repairing a Ripped Seat

These days, fabric upholstery is common, and fortunately, it’s often easy to repair at home. If you’re on a budget and have a few supplies on hand, you can perform a number of simple repairs.

Ripped Seats
Costs about $20
Takes about one hour, depending on the size of the rip

Whether you know how the seat ripped or you purchased a car with a tear in the upholstery fabric, you have an unsightly problem. In the case of a rip, the fabric isn’t missing from the seat. It’s simply torn, exposing the material beneath it. Here’s how to perform the repair:

Go to the craft store and purchase a curved upholstery needle. This type of needle allows you to work on flat upholstery without being able to access the underside of the fabric. You’ll also need some extra-strong thread that’s suitable for upholstery in the same color as your car seats, as well as a bottle of Fray Check.

Thread the needle with a double length of thread. Slip the needle under the fabric at one end of the tear, and bring it up through the fabric about half an inch away from the beginning of the tear. Have a friend hold both sides of the tear together for you as you work.

Use the needle to stitch on each side of the torn fabric, keeping your stitches a quarter inch away from the raw edge. Bring the needle from one side of the tear to the other, using the thread to bridge the torn spot. Continue doing this until you have fully closed the tear.

Take about eight stitches in one spot to knot your thread, and then trim it very close to the fabric.
Carefully paint Fray Check along both sides of the repair, paying special attention to the needle holes. While it may darken the fabric in this area slightly, it will help prevent further damage to your car seat.

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